We are Referral Link Networking

Weekly Small Business Networking Meetings Every Wednesday from 7:30 – 8:45 AM
Located at The Original Pancake House in Maple Grove.*

The Referral Link networking group meets in a friendly but structured environment to exchange referrals, share ideas, mentor one another, identify & develop co-marketing ideas, and much more. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and values when conducting business. Our purpose is to build solid and lasting relationships centered on trust, respect, and awareness between members of the network. Our group is invested in each of its members. We’re not just another referral group. We build trust through personal and professional development, so those referrals mean something.

Part of this process incorporates time for each member to share insightful news, information, or training on their industry with the other members each month. And another step we’ve recently taken is adding a “book club” type atmosphere to the mix. The group selects one book we commit to reading in integral chapters, and then we discuss those chapters as a group on the first Wednesday of the month.

Our Member Expectations

    • Regular attendance and involvement in the organization. Members are required to attend 75% of the meetings or have a representative attend in their absence.
    • Lunch Buddy Meetings. Meet one-on-one with fellow members each month to form a relationship and gain a better understanding of their business to enhance confidence in referrals.
    • Accept leadership roles for projects, events, or officer positions within the membership.
    • Provide an average of two referrals per month or a minimum of 24 for the year to other members within the ReferralLink membership/group.

Financial Obligations

  • $100 Application Fee
  • $100 Cash Call (est. 2x per year)

Learn more when you visit our
Member Resources page.

* In-person group meetings at The Original Pancake House in Maple Grove. Ask a current RFL member if you would like an invitation to visit our referral meetings either in person or online in the coming weeks.
Meeting times and locations may vary for seasonal considerations. Due to space limitations, attendance is by invitation only. Please confirm with a RFL member before attending.