J B Anderson Home Inspections Launches New Real Estate Certification

J.B. Anderson Home Inspections is launching a new certification program aimed at the real estate agent community.

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The program was designed to help real estate agents who want to take their business to a new level of professionalism, however after reviewing some of the course first hand, it appears to be a great resource for home buyers and sellers alike; not because they need certification in home inspections, but because it helps educate the consumer on the expectations and responsibilities of any home inspector today.

The Certified Client Protection Expert certification covers a short, free, online training about the process of home inspections and what is covered, what’s required to be covered, and the REALTOR’s responsibility in the sharing of this information beyond the provided report.

The CCPE course highlights a number of misconceptions about inspections, inspection warranties and home warranties beyond the inspection. One example of a common misconception is in regards to the sharing of the report to other agents, additional prospective homebuyers and who actually owns the report upon completion.

Want to know the answers? You can visit J.B. Anderson Home Inspections on Facebook to learn more and get started. Again, the course is free and certified upon successful completion of the 10-question course by J.B. Anderson Home Inspections.

For more information on J.B. Anderson Home Inspections, their warranty programs or their CCPE program, visit www.jbandersoninspections.com, or call 763-350-8509.