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Tanya Troska

Tanya Troska from Back2Basics, LLC
President & Brand Manager; Back2Basics, LLC

The Back2Basics brand was developed to help overcome a common industry challenge and reinvent how small business brand development, marketing, and management solutions & services were offered to and for small business owners. After years of watching small business owners and independent contractors falling behind online, falling through the cracks of larger and more systematic marketing agencies, or getting mislead by incomplete or bad information found online, small business woman, Tanya Troska, had enough and decided there needed to be a change.

Back2Basics & B2B-University Events are local brand management agency resources providing consultation & training solutions along with digital marketing and design services designed to empower small business owners or small non-profit managers. We create custom brand development programs and digital marketing solutions around individual needs and goals rather than trying to fit businesses into a preconceived marketing package that may not benefit their initiatives.

The Back2Basics mission is to bring transparency and clarity to marketing services and solutions. B2B believes knowledge is power and doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. With a more hands-on and individualized approach, B2B takes the position as an extension of a small business’s existing marketing and digital management team to help them achieve more. That’s the power of 2.

Back2Basics combines consultations and coordinated services with industry experts to design individualized solutions in website design and web management, social media optimization, content creation/copywriting, optimization & curation strategies, search engine optimization strategies, search engine marketing, reputation management, brand development and brand management strategies, individual digital/graphic design services and more. In fact, B2B can tackle any digital aspect of business brand design, development, growth and management needs or goals.

Whether businesses are looking for one-on-one consulting and training, someone to identify or fill-in the gaps of existing strategies, or need someone to take the time-consuming tasks off their plate altogether, Back2Basics is here to support them in those goals.