ReferralLink Members Reflect on Giving Back


We know that businesses grow stronger when businesses give back to those communities where they provide their products and services.

It’s a circle of support; a true community supporting each other from an economic and sociological aspect.

TODAY is #GiveToTheMax Day; powered by #GiveMN.

It’s a day that encourages individuals and organizations to ramp up that charitable giving through potential reward and more giving through a streamlined and more simple way of giving; gathering all the options and resources in one place online; available at a click of the mouse. To-date, the program has generated more $8.2 million in funds for eligible non-profits. You can learn more about the process by visiting

This is a day that inspires our members and reminds each of us why we choose to work with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, not only within our membership, but within the same communities our businesses serve. And, as great as that is, our members don’t just sit on their laurels or wait for someone else to remind them how important it is to roll up their sleeves, they’re giving of their time and/or assets all year long.


Here are just a few examples of this community stewardship in action!


Maria Jondahl

Maria Jondahl / Marketplace Home Mortgage, LLC


Maria is all about her furbabies and rescue animals, and donates available resources to Ruff Start Rescue; a foster home-based no-kill dog and cat rescue non-profit based in Central Minnesota. Maria holds a special place in her heart for the tireless volunteers working this organization with endless passion about preserving the lives of those four-legged friends who cannot speak for themselves.



Theresa Johnson

Theresa Johnson / Theresa Johnson Law


Theresa feels it’s important to give back to those resources and organizations who have provided support to her and her community over the years, and allocates those donations between three main categories:

(1) Educational Institutions such as Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Concordia College – Moorhead, and St. John’s University – Collegeville

(2) Religious organizations; this year’s recipient was St. Phillip the Deacon Lutheran Church – Plymouth, and

(3) Community Organizations – in this case it was Interfaith Outreach Community Partners where she also provided her own time and talents by serving on their steering committee for their Girls, Glamour and Giving gala which will be coming up in April 2018.

Additionally, Theresa continues to give of her free time by providing free educational opportunities at local assisted living facilities &  senior centers where she speaks about the importance of Elder Care Law.


Jerimiah AndersonJeremiah Anderson / JB Anderson Inspections 

Every year since 1995 (21-years), Jeremiah has participated in the SBM Fire Department Santa Parade and community food drive. During this event the fire department brings Santa through the neighborhoods and firefighters collect non-perishable food items for local food shelves. This year’s event begins on December 11th. You can learn more about the event at

JBA_1952447538411869In addition to this annual tradition, Jeremiah will be kicking off #GivetotheMax with additional donations to Hope 4 Youth. From now through the end of 2017,  JB Anderson Inspections will make a $10 donation to Hope 4 Youth for every inspection completed.


Tanya Troska

Tanya Troska / Back2Basics, LLC


Tanya Troska has been giving back to communities from the time she could run. Growing up in a family of community volunteers she’s served as community helpers in local schools. serving on local church and school committees, local scouting organizations for youth, and currently serves the community as a member of the Osseo Lions Club.

Tanya has provided donated time and resources to help select non-profits, such as the Lions organization, to build out their website and serves on their gambling board which gives thousands of dollars away to community organizations in need.

But, Tanya doesn’t do this alone, she gets her whole family involved in community charitable support of time and talents with her children helping out at number of Lion’s sponsored community events, roadside cleanup projects, park clean up, cemetery clean up, and serving meals to homeless at organizations such as FOCUS.MN.  You’ll also find them stuffing tube socks with food, water, and hand warmers that she will pass out to homeless members of the community throughout the fall and winter.

Strengthening the small business communities is another mission Tanya takes to heart. It’s not unusual to see her reach out to schools to talk about the power of teaching entrepreneurship to grade school children, or offering a number of free classes to business owners through the county libraries so they learn basic strategies to help them take charge of their brand.


Kathy Peterson Studio of PianoKathy Petersen / Independent Piano Teacher

Kathy is extremely active in her local church and community. She recently chaired a Wellness Night event and presentation at Robbinsdale United Church of Christ where she collected donations like spa services, wine and food, and mindful coloring books for the event, and even donated a month worth of piano lessons herself; over a $1000 worth of donations were collected and passed to the church during the event. An additional portion of donations collected were donated to a young lady who didn’t have a church home but was fundraising for a 6 month mission trip the community felt was worthy. \

During the 2016 Christmas season, Kathy ran an incentive for afree piano lesson with every donation of gifts or food which was then donated to PRISM (a local food shelf, that also has a holiday “store”, located in Golden Valley).

Kathy has organized a “Homelessness Bags” event that typically starts in October when they begin collecting from community members, church members, friends, coworkers, and concludes with a large collection bags, purses, and backpacks stuffed with personal necessities. These purses and bags are taken by members of the church and kept in cars to give to people they may come across on the streets and who are experiencing homelessness.

Another thing Kathy loves to do is bake pies and cakes. She takes these yummy creations to Simpson Housing (a homeless shelter for men) who greatly appreciate the homemade goodies



And, this is just a few of the stories! Our members are hold true integrity in their work and their dedication to community. Get to know the members of Referral Link Network. Visit our Members Pages to learn more.