Welcome Newest Member Pam Ricker, Ricker Accounting

We want to welcome our newest member of the Referral LINK Networking Group, Pam Ricker, CPA of Ricker Accounting Ltd.

Pam will be a wonderful new addition and referral partner to the group. Pam heard about Referral LINK from current members: Susie; Carefree Bookkeeping, Renee; MaryKay, and Jacki; Girtz Insurance. Pam is a former member of a local BNI group looking for a more personal experience and is currently not participating in BNI or any other structured group.  Pam’s current business is made up of primarily 50% share of individual taxes, and 20% shares of business taxes with the remaining 30% miscellaneous services.

Please give a warm welcome to Pam Ricker, CPA!