Renee Quinn Talks Holiday Gift Giving Ideas and More

Each week we take an opportunity to learn a little bit more about our members so we are able to help better support them in their business goals. However, we also pick up some great tips and training that help enhance our own personal and business goals.

This week we heard from member, Renee Quinn from Renee’s Worthy Women & Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

Renee Quinn presentation

Renee walked us through some of the select benefits and highlights of her Mary Kay website at Those highlights included featured products on the home page of her website as well as a link to a PDF copy of the full print version of the catalog. We also learned how we could easily “refer a friend” to Renee directly through her site.  But, one of the biggest personal benefits of her site this time of year was the ability to view some of the more popular gift ideas.

Mary Kay Gifting Nov2017

Let’s face it, shopping for your significant other, your mom, your sister or that special friend is not always the easiest task, but letting others know what WE would like doesn’t always come easy either. Renee reminded us today that holiday shopping or giving recommendations for gift-giving doesn’t have to be so daunting when you seek out her aid and expertise.  You don’t have to be into the latest lipstick colors…  there’s something for everyone at her Mary Kay site including skincare gifts and accessories for men, women and young ladies, and you can contact Renee with your preferred list of gifts and those you want to share that list with, and Renee will contact each one of them to share your preferences so you will still have the element of surprise when it comes to opening those boxes or reaching in your stocking at Christmas time.

Renee launched a 12 Days of Christmas program this year, so if you get your wishlist to her or before the end of November she’ll have time to gather those gifts from others to deliver as special treat to you once a day, for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day. On the flip side, you could coordinate that same 12 day gift-giving surprise to that special someone else from you. And, with gift options starting as low as $10, it’s a great way to extend that special feeling of thoughtfulness to someone special this time of year.

To Learn More about Renee Quinn’s Worthy Women Program or Mary Kay Products, visit or find Renee on Facebook at