We’re Not All Work All The Time

Occasionally, the members of the Referral Link Networking group in Osseo like to get together outside of the traditional network meeting environment.


This is a strategy is a trust-building strategy that helps everyone learn more about each other on a personal basis as well as other local business members who may be a good fit for the group. This creates a stronger group, and fosters more meaningful referrals among the members. And, our recent Wine Tasting event was no exception to this strategy.

The event location was hosted by long-term member Mike Caron and his lovely wife, and another husband-wife team provided the wine tasting.  Wilson Wines operate a small reseller wine tasting and distribution business in the Twin Cities area and are experts on educating everyone on the unique business and beautifully crafted exclusive wines for their wine club. Made and distributed from California, the wines are actually made up of grapes from all over the world; including here in the U.S., but processed in a way that keeps the sulfites and other perservatives low. This makes for a better tasting wine, but a shorter shelf life (1-5yrs vs 5-20yrs). And, with custom label designs and gift shipping, this is a great option for corporate gifts, anniversary and weddings, and more. OR, customers can sign up for a monthly membership and try out new flavors every month; delivered direct to their home or place of business.

Referral Link Wine Tasting 2017  Referral Link Wine Tasting 2017

Referral Link Wine Tasting 2017  Referral Link Wine Tasting 2017

Our members not only learned more about the Wine Tasting, Direct to Consumer business of wine sales, but got a chance to enjoy a little wine, food, and GREAT company this night.